The Galaxy S7 Edge had what we thought was a good 76% ratio, while the iPhone 7 Plus sits at about a 68% screen-body ratio. Neither is perfect, though neither is a deal-breaker when it comes to becoming immersed in video on this gorgeous 6.2-inch screen. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus price and release date. Samsung has eliminated the ugly rear camera bump, and simply outlines the flat lens with a tiny lip. [101][102] By mid-April, the number had increased to one million pre-orders. Sound and audio features e.g. The Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Samsung Galaxy S8 Active are Android-based smartphones (with the S8+ being a phablet) produced by Samsung Electronics as the eighth generation of the Samsung Galaxy S series. Its new 18.5:9 aspect ratio elongates the screen’s dimensions to give you more viewing space; you can train your eyes on two to three Facebook stories at a time in your newsfeed, instead of having to continuously scroll just to read portions of one. This phone isn’t going to be easy for anyone moving from a 4.7-inch or 5.1-inch screen. [42] On 8 June, they were made available in Japan. The SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S8 UK price was £779.99 at launch but it's now down to around £600 from some retailers. Everything about the Galaxy S8 Plus design seems to highlight the real star attraction, the 6.2-inch screen. [14][15][16] Soon after, VentureBeat revealed photos of the phones and additional details, including the lack of physical navigation and home buttons, in which the fingerprint sensor was moved to the back of the phone. © speaker(s), audio jack, vibration motor, etc. Images via Forbes and GSMArena. [13] In January 2017, The Guardian reported on bigger screens for both of the two phone sizes, with edge-to-edge "infinity" displays and very limited bezels, and an iris scanner. There’s no easy-to-reach fingerprint sensor here, and Samsung’s trumpeted new method, Face unlock, doesn’t even work in the dark. So if you are looking for the Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, this post would be your great resource. It’s easy to accidentally cover up the grille when watching YouTube videos in landscape mode, and really, when Apple is beating you to something with the iPhone 7, you know there’s a problem. It's the beginning of a stunning, immersive screen that's easy to hold in one hand. [123] Samsung told BBC News that it was "aware of the issue", and stated that "If there is a potential vulnerability or the advent of a new method that challenges our efforts to ensure security at any time, we will respond as quickly as possible to resolve the issue". Samsung keeps the old-fashioned 3.5mm headphone jack, dismissing early rumors that its new phone would eliminate this still-widely-used port in favor of USB-C audio. IP68, up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) for 30 minutes, (Last letter varies by carrier and international models), This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 23:40. Samsung S8 edge plus … [110] Samsung stated that the Galaxy S8 was "built with an adaptive display that optimizes the color range, saturation, and sharpness depending on the environment", but noted that the device's operating system provides settings for manually adjusting the display's appearance and white balance. [67][68][69], Samsung also launched a Galaxy S8+ with 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM exclusively in China and South Korea, and a bundle offer in the countries provides both the exclusive model and the Samsung DeX docking station. It doesn’t work with sunglasses, and you have hold the top of phone so it’s aligned with your eyes, but this is the retina-scanning unlock method you should switch to. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, It’s a glimpse of the future and, in a twist of fate for Samsung vs Apple, a lot of what Apple finally put out through the iPhone X. Additionally, new users get a three-month free trial to the service, the same as given to users who purchase Google's own Pixel smartphone. Samsung also gives you some familiar options you’ll remember from when HD first came onto the scene in an SD world. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Should you care? The S8 and S8+ received positive reviews. It’s hard to reach, and you’ll often mistake the camera lens for the sensor. Prior to its official announcement, media outlets reported on rumors and information from industry insiders. Prior to its official announcement, media outlets reported on rumors and information from industry insiders. Your big new phone laughs at these water droplets! [34] On 5 May, they were made available in Malaysia. VentureBeat’s highly reliable tipster Evan Blass (of @evleaks fame) reports Samsung has decided to push the commercial availability of its new flagship phones from April 21 to April 28. However, subsequent reports in May announced sales of over five million units, a notably lower first-month sales number than previous Galaxy S series models. On March 11, 2018, Samsung launched the successor to the S8, the Samsung Galaxy S9. With everything that has been going on with the exploding batteries, Samsung might release the device earlier than expected. [29] On 28 April, they were made available in the United Kingdom,[30] Australia,[31] Ireland,[32] and Russia. New York, [22] They use DCI-P3, offering what screen-testing website DisplayMate describes as the largest native color gamut, highest peak brightness, highest contrast rating in ambient light, highest screen resolution, lowest reflectance, and highest contrast ratio. GSM / … [75][76] Both smartphones have improved satellite navigation over the predecessors by including Galileo receivers. [17][18][19] Evan Blass tweeted in mid-March about color options for the phones. [85][86], In February 2018, the official Android 8.0.0 "Oreo" update began rolling out to all versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It’ll be interesting to see where Samsung and LG go with this wider format when they also own the 4K TV market. Please refresh the page and try again. samsung galaxy s8 plus Specifications. That’s right, you can set lock screen, home screen and now always-on screen wallpaper. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus specs. It launched on April 28 2017 in both regions. Therefore, watching movies and playing games on such a huge screen will be outstanding. Looking for that elusive unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in the US? Just how big is the S8 Plus? [20][21], The Galaxy S8 and S8+ were officially unveiled on 29 March 2017, with pre-orders beginning 30 March and official U.S. release on 21 April 2017. An expected price of 95,000 rupees in Pakistan is unsurprising. It makes the S8 look just as fresh today as it did when it debuted", and pointing out that the S8's popularity and carrier support guaranteed plenty of third-party accessories. There are also some Custom Kernels from XDA Developers. Galaxy S8 Plus price in The US $ 1010. The latest model will have a bigger screen and be even more expensive, making this the ideal time to upgrade to 2017's Plus-sized phone. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. A true fix may come with the Samsung Galaxy S9. The S9 is about 1.2 mm shorter than the S8 and the S9 Plus is roughly 1.4 mm shorter than the S8 Plus. [124], In October 2017, Galaxy S8 users reported on Reddit that they were unable to receive SMS messages, with no fix available and without any comment from Samsung. It costs around $460 on Amazon if you get the 'International' version, and $689 via Samsung, and $639 at Best Buy. Additionally, The Guardian stated that the phones would come with 64 gigabytes of stor… [114] Updates in various regions started rolling out in early May, fixing the issue. The Galaxy S8 Plus is the Android phone you want if you like big and tall smartphones. In this article, you will get the direct download link of Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US, Europe, and HongKong. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Specifications, Price, Release Date and Pre-order Details By SpecsPriceBuy Editorial March 30, 2017 In just some few hours from now, Samsung announced its 2017 flagship device from the Galaxy S series. For the top-tier premium price tag, we'd prefer Samsung to put in the extra work and use a metal back". If we look back the S-Series, they have always been released in April. The S8 and S8+ were unveiled on 29 March 2017 and directly succeeded the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, with a North American release on 21 April 2017 and international rollout throughout April and May. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus design is exactly what we’ve wanted for several years – almost. It once again eliminates the left and right borders with a gently curved screen, and now nearly erases the top and bottom bezels too. We’re also mightily impressed with the enhanced Always-on Display. [87], In February 2019, the official Android 9.0 "Pie" update was released for the Galaxy S8 family.[3]. Features and Specs include a 6.2" inch screen, 12MP camera, 4/6GB RAM, Exynos 8895 processor, and 3500mAh battery. [22][23] Following Best Buy retail listings in March,[24] Samsung opened pre-orders for unlocked U.S. handsets on 9 May 2017, with availability starting 31 May. List of Samsung Galaxy Tab Series Devices and Release Date: Samsung has started releasing this series since 2010. There were a lot of rumors about the release date of Samsung S8. Unlike the last two years, there will not be an ‘edge’ variant of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S handset this year. It can survive 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes – you can probably take it deeper, although we don’t suggest testing your luck or your warranty. In December 2016, SamMobile reported that the Galaxy S8 would not feature a 3.5 mm headphone jack, later reported to be a false rumor. However, he criticized the Bixby assistant, writing that "in its current state, it doesn’t do much at all", and also criticized the number of duplicate apps. Its screen also measures 5.8 inches, the size of the regular S8, and has quad HD Super AMOLED in 18.5:9 aspect ratio. Samsung has not yet commented on the issue.[118][119]. Our reaction to trying to find the rear fingerprint sensor, It's cheaper on some carriers than others, but not by much, Its 6.2-inch display doesn't make the actual phone much bigger than before, In fact, it's just about the same size as the S7 Edge (middle) and iPhone 7 Plus (right), Introduction, design, fingerprint sensor, display. [83][84] The Galaxy S8 was one of the first Android phones to support ARCore, Google's augmented reality engine. [72], The T-Mobile US version of the S8 Active also supports the company's 600 MHz LTE network that was starting to be rolled out at the time the device was announced. Status. Samsung Galaxy S8 plus Expected price and launch date in Pakistan The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was officially announced on March 29th with a release date on the 21st of April. Although it did not release specific sales numbers, it announced that sales of the S8 were 30% higher year-over-year than the Galaxy S7. Here are our updated impressions. The biggest difference between S8 VS S8 plus screen display the Samsung galaxy s8 comes with 5.8 inches touchscreen display with 1440 × 2560 pixels and Samsung Galaxy S8 plus screen display 6.2 … It’s a neat trick. The S8 has a 5.8-inch panel, while the S8+ uses a larger 6.2-inch panel. That’s taller than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and even the Note 7, but not by much. It's still incredibly expensive but the introduction of the Galaxy Note 8 and the passage of time has meant the price has dropped down a touch. [51][52], The S8 features an octa-core Exynos 8895 system-on-chip and 4 GB of RAM; models in North American and East Asian markets utilize the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 instead. So, stay tuned with us. Visit our corporate site. It's still one of the most capable Android phones out there. Current page: [77] On 21 April 2017, coinciding with the phone's official retail date, reports surfaced that the default music player on the Galaxy S8 would be Google Play Music, continuing a trend that started with the S7 in 2016. Samsung stated that it had engineered the batteries to retain their capacity for a longer period of time than previous models. Quad HD is best saved for VR, when the screen is two inches from your face and even at that 2K-level resolution you’re sometime able to make out individual pixels (what’s called the screen door effect). [6], The Galaxy S8 launched with the Android 7.0 "Nougat" operating system with the proprietary Samsung Experience (formerly TouchWiz) user interface and software suite. The biggest shift for long-time Samsung users is the home button. Having the absolute best camera and best OLED display matter to you. [107][108] Jon Fingas of Engadget wrote that, although Samsung advertised its pre-order records, sales comparisons to other models on the market were difficult due to unannounced sales figures. 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Don’t worry about someone breaking into your phone – you can’t even get in. There was a problem. The hardware of the device was described as "practically flawless". More: Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus color comparison. It contains two types of Samsung tablets, One with 3G/4G support, And the second is a WiFi-only tablet. It’s just a bit taller thanks to the elimination of needless bezel and Samsung’s familiar oval-shaped home button. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus release date was April 2017. The amazing display, great camera and slick software should make you forget about the awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner and the half-bake Bixby assistant. That’s definitely not all that’s happening here. In the update for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices, Samsung may include some refinements to user interface in addition to buttery smooth scrolling. [70][71] The unique variant was also released in India in June 2017. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Price comparison: Find the best deal for your next phone. [115][116][117], Reports surfaced at the end of April 2017 that some Galaxy S8 devices were "restarting by themselves". Samsung nailed that balance with its nearly bezel-less front face. In the US it’s now available at about $35 a month with a 24-month contract through carriers. [54][55], Unlike past Galaxy S series models, the S8 line does not feature physical navigation keys, electing to use on-screen keys instead. But all of this is a problem when even incredibly cheap Android phones are debuting with fingerprint sensors that work close to 100% of the time. Ironically for such a futuristic phone, the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on the S8 Plus is stuck in the past. Moreover, owning this new Android means you’re upgrading to the most cutting-edge, VR-ready smartphone available. Samsung is one of the most reputed mobile phone company throughout the whole world, which has shown us a large variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic products. [125], Samsung Galaxy S8 (left) and the S8+ (right), Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones, "Galaxy S9 sales are better than the Galaxy S8, but that's not saying much", "Galaxy Note 8 & Galaxy S8 Don't Support Project Treble on Oreo", "BREAKING: Stable Galaxy S8 Android Pie update released in Germany", "The Galaxy S8 may be a huge hit, but Samsung is already working on the next big thing", "Samsung's 'unbox your phone' event gave us a phone that's still a box", "Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+: The full specs", "Lots of Snapdragon 835 Galaxy S8 units apparently have UFS 2.0 instead of newer UFS 2.1 memory. Dan Seifert of The Verge praised the design of the Galaxy S8, describing it as a "stunning device to look at and hold" that was "refined and polished to a literal shine", and adding that it "truly doesn't look like any other phone you might have used before". The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are available to preorder starting at 12:01 a.m. [40] On 25 May, they were made available in China,[41] and Hong Kong. What’s ancient is the single speaker at the bottom, and we’re disappointed to see it. In December 2016, SamMobile reported that the Galaxy S8 would not feature a 3.5 mm headphone jack,[12] later reported to be a false rumor. [88] Fellow Verge reporter Vlad Savov felt that the placement of the fingerprint sensor was "a perplexing decision if we consider it as a deliberate design choice", but noted reports from Korea claiming that Samsung had originally intended for the fingerprint reader to be built directly into the screen, but was unable to reach a desirable implementation in time for release. You’ll get used to their disappearing and reappearing act when watching a movie that takes up the entire screen. Here’s the (literally) unseen problem: HDR video content from Amazon, Netflix and others just isn’t here yet on mobile devices, only your 4K TV. “Why are my pictures so blurry?”. [110][111][112] On 21 April, Samsung stated that the red tinting was purely a software issue, and would be patched in a future update. The displays on both devices curve along the side bezels of the device, with minimal bezels that Samsung markets as an "infinity display", and the display panel itself has rounded edges. They’ve been used on LG, Google and Motorola phones for years, just to name a few. It also no longer has the dedicated action button of previous versions which could be reprogrammed to be a shortcut to favorite apps, with the action button being replaced with the Bixby button. He complimented the feel of the S8, calling it "perfected", but criticized the glass back for being "more fragile" and that "Glossy, slippery glass doesn't feel as good in your hand as metal does, either. Smudge, smudge, smudge. We’ve found out the hard way that the bump-free, unprotected Google Pixel XL will spiderweb when just about any part of the back glass shatters, rendering your main camera useless. [50], The Galaxy S8 and S8+ both feature 1440p OLED displays, with an 18.5:9 (37:18) aspect ratio taller than the 16:9 ratio used by the majority of smartphones released until then. Twitter tipster Ricciolo claims that a 'little birdy' has let out that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is 'ready'. [33] followed by Singapore one day later. which is the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus . He criticized the biometric options for unlocking the phones, writing that "There's an iris scanner, a fingerprint reader, and face unlock.
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