Unless you live in a tropical area, the water In the fish tank can’t be warm enough without an aquarium heater. A single bottle can last for a very long time. But most fishbowls do not. Crystal Plex is a liquid algaecide that kills a broader variety of algae. My pond was a green mess with algae and I bought the pond blocks and sludge tablets and within days the green was gone and I could once again see my fish and turtles. 3. Its phosphate-free formula is safe for use with soft water, won't harm pond life or plants, or affect pH levels in the water. (Pack of 2)Tetra Water Clarifier Aquarium Treatment Solution, 3.38 oz Use this Tetra Water Clarifier to safely and effectively clear cloudy freshwater aquarium water. In the meantime, the water return spout will constantly kick up the particles and prevent them from settling! 4. Add 2.5 ml per 10 litres if the KH value is below 3°dH. It’s best to disconnect the unit, remove the inlet and outlet hoses, and drain any residual water when cleaning the UV clarifier. I was so happy, but my … The filter should be cleaned regularly for optimum results. You can use a water clarifier in a fish bowl if you have a mechanical filtration system. Water clarifier is a flocculant, that is, a chemically sticky substance that makes tiny particles stick together. Maybe about 12 fish on it my tank is cloudy I check my nitrate levels they are 20 and under my ph levels are 6.5 it is a fresh water tank. Tropical fish died without a heater. More important is to clean the bowl, renewing the water and identifying the cause. 2. Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2020. The chemicals will work but it just solves the problem but you don't kn0w what caused it in the first place, The Doctor I have tried to contact Tetra but they have failed to reply despite a promise to reply within 24 hours. Water clarifiers are a great solution for cloudy water without disturbing your pet fish’s environment. That was a … Still orange, but the water is clear. When I used up that one and started using these, they made my fish tank water quality even worse!!! Usually, it is overfeeding. Wait for at least 48 hours between applications. ... 1.0 out of 5 stars Product killed all my fish. The tiny particles cause the cloudiness and slip right past the filter, but when they clump up into bigger clumps, the filter can catch them. And it works almost immediately when you add it to the tap water. It's called flocculation, but the product claims to be completely safe for fish and plants. It seems to me that the process used up the oxygen in the water which killed the fish. Tropical fish are from warm water ranged from 70~80F+ (over 20C). I used it while the tank was with fish while my tank was cycling and whenever my water wasn't crystal clear. This is the first Tetra product I am not loving. Here is what application will look like when following the 3 rules listed above. To treat clouding, add 5 ml per 10 litres of aquarium water. Now that I know better, I don't use chemicals anymore, just a couple of water changes. For a 1 acre pond with an average depth of 4-6 feet mix a gallon of Crystal Plex with 3-4 gallons of water (the water is just to help you spread the product) and spray ½ of your pond. Throughout the water gardening season, UV clarifiers can run constantly except during maintenance. This makes the water clear. During the winter months, protect UV clarifiers from frost by draining and storing them indoors. Conclusion . Another likely cause to investigate is the condition of the water you used. Bacteria make the water very toxic due to the wastes of the fish, the food remains or the ammonia level in the water. Author Note: Even if the residue has time to settle, you should always aim to remove it. Movement from your fish will just make the cloudiness return later. After using a water conditioner such as Tetra AquaSafe, wait for 24 hours before using Tetra CrystalWater.
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